BMSG  is an organization launched in the United States in 2012 with a focus of setting up a  nonprofit medical clinic in Ghana based on  an identified need  by the Founder and its Board of Directors to help  change the focus of healthcare in Africa to one that is primary care focused.

The need for action are also based on multiple factors which include, the key health indicators of Ghana eg. high Infant mortality rate, low life expectancy and lack of adequate medical facilities.

As a developing country, Ghana’s healthcare system with the help of foreign donors have primarily focused on programs to address specific communicable disease problems which include HIV, malaria, Tuberculosis, etc. leading to a significant gap in addressing and managing non communicable diseases; eg hypertension, diabetes, cancers, high cholesterol, asthma, etc.  which are all medical conditions that need prompt attention in primary care.

The Board of directors of Boston medical Services Ghana have been engaged with the Ghanaian community in Worcester, Massachusetts – USA and worked on some health issues which include high infant mortality among this population in Worcester, low enrollment of the middle aged to primary health care etc.